000038380004photography by Leslee Mitchell

Hi!  This is me, Susan, with my sweet and often crazy family.  After living in the States for 23 years, I have brought my kids home to New Zealand to experience what life is really like here.  We are here for 6 months (2 school terms) while my husband tackles the largest “to-do” list ever created.  Right J?????

I am passionate about my family and friends, travel, interior design, fashion, great food and photography.  I am taking care of my 3 kids without my husband so I am also passionate about wine.  Very, very passionate about wine.



One thought on “About

  1. This is amazing! Your photography and writing are so beautiful. I can so clearly hear your voice in your words, and the photos evoke such freedom, openness, and adventure. Inspiring! Miss you all!


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