More Aussie Fun

Australia-Part 2

After a late night out in Sydney, how fortuitous that the Easter Bunny had visited the night before and left chocolate eggs and chocolate kiwi’s(thanks Nana)for all of the kids who woke up super early to come and wake us all up and let us know.

We had a lovely relaxing morning until the sugar kicked in and then it was clearly time to get out of the house.  We headed to Bondi to watch the surfers and check out the iconic Icebergs Pool.  Apparently, I missed Hugh Jackman saving his son from a rip at Bondi the day before.  Bondi is a very well known beach which gets really crowded.  Thankfully, it was overcast which kept the crowds(and sadly Hugh Jackman)away.

On our last full day in Sydney, the weather had cleared enough to take the kids to the beach for the day.


We couldn’t pull the kids off the beach so we grabbed takeaways from the loveliest cafe and let them eat on their towels.  Poppy was in heaven swimming in the ocean and eating yellow food…


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I am not sure my kids have truly grasped how lucky they are to be having these experiences.  Perhaps that is why I love taking so many photos so they can look back on their childhoods and fill in the gaps in their memories and mine.  Or maybe I am planning on using it as proof that their childhoods were amazing despite what their future therapist helps them “remember”.  Children are consummate pros at living in the moment, something I can struggle with.  I am a planner by nature which doesn’t naturally lend itself to living in the present.  My friends have called me an “over communicator” because I love to discuss thoughts and feelings and plans.  I definitely should have followed through on my initial plan to be a therapist.  As much as my children are works in progress, at 42, so am I.  I remember having one of those Oprah lightbulb moments when after one of the many times I asked J what he was thinking about(yes I am that woman) and he had predictably told me “nothing”, it hit me.  He was telling the truth!!!

On our last night in Sydney, my brother kindly offered to look after all the kids so his wife and I could venture out to a place I had been insta-crushing on for a while.  And it did not disappoint.  Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is a lovely little hotel located in the Eastern suburbs. It’s casual vibe felt like Australia meets Miami.  The family friendly vibe was a lovely surprise-next time kids, next time…We didn’t eat but the food did look fantastic and I can absolutely vouch for the grapefruit margaritas. Or at least the first one.


Australia was a whirlwind of fun and new experiences but the best part would have to be watching my kids develop stronger ties to their cousins.  Certainly, showing them some of Australia was important but I have come home to not only show them my corner of the world but to deepen relationships.  And on this trip, we absolutely did that.


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